Vanguard Projects

custom airsoft devices

Some of us are engineers and like to make customization or make our own Airsoft devices. These projects combine our two mutual hobbies in endless hours of engineering, we learn a lot and joke around the rest of the time. So mainly we brainstorm on a subject and when we are enthusiastic enough decide to build or improve it. We are not driven by a commercial goal, only the love of our hobby. With the Electric speed loader it would be great to see other people using our device and enjoy it as much as we do. Below a short list of some of our projects for you to read. It is not in any way a guide but if someone finds inspiration and wants to build it themselves we cheer them on 100%. We would love to see your versions so please send us some pictures if you finish and make Airsoft great again. Whatever you do use SI units, else we are forced to print your mail and use it as toilet paper.

Electric Speedloader

The Electric Speedloader (ESL) has originated from the need for a smarter way of loading our mags. The cheap plastic thumb pressed or any other loader did not offer what we wanted, exact counting, high speed, robust design and reliable. MIO made the first prototype and after a video on Facebook it went viral. As engineers we decided to accept the challenge and see if we could make a reproducible design. This means doing the design all over again, find fabrication methods, fine tune them, find suppliers, test, improve, test again, find buyers, give support, etc. No easy task to do in our free time but the effort paid off! We now have a greatly improved version of the first prototype and are really proud of the result. Saying it is done doesn’t come to mind, always something to improve but it’s ready for the masses now! Also we are glad of our choice not to start a crowdfunding campaign or other forms of investment rather than our own for the first design. It was tempting, but with other investors come responsibilities and most of all time pressure. And we don’t want to make it fast, we want to make it perfect. So we rather work 2 months extra on fixing something small then ship it out just to meet the will of inpatient investors. Interested? Check out the shop! And be advised that there are only very limited amounts available and fabrication new ones may take several months. It’s exclusive, handmade in the Netherlands by real engineers.

Heated goggle

The ultimate enemy of an Airsoft player is fogged up glasses. While the game gets more trilling when you don’t see anything, we prefer a clear view. After an extended search, tried countless “solutions” the conclusion was the same as always. If you need it done right we have to do it ourselves. We experimented with heated glasses (like the heated rearview window on a car) and this in combination with dual plain glasses to protect the heating elements. And this is with some natural ventilation enough to keep your glasses fog free! To save energy it is not on the entire day and an extra small centrifugal fan and the heating on 11 (full power) we can de-fog within seconds when the need arises. The wires are almost invisible because there so close to your eyes you can’t focus on them. (remember some people even find mesh goggles acceptable)


Ultimate dream machine and our first project. Remote controlled modular sentry gun which accepts almost any rifle. Recently it has been upgraded with a thermal camera which in itself is a must have. And various ideas of making it autonomous have passed our minds, but by the fact that Airsoft players don’t stop moving when hit and don’t appreciate it when hit again, makes this problematic. A semi-autonomous solution is what we have decided on. Automatic detection, the operator gets a signal and after seeing the live feed decides to pull the trigger or not. It can detect and track up to 5 targets at any time. Watch on Youtube


The longest running project (2007) inspired by the claymore from CoD 4. People how played this game know that the claymore deploys instantly, won’t blow friendlies and pierces concrete just as easy as sand. That last point is still being worked on, but the rest we pretty much mastered. Because the claymore uses a sensor instead of a trip wire it can be deployed and active in seconds. We design and test various sensor types always uncovered the next problem, but practice makes perfect. With the friendly detect beacon it automatically detects our teammates and temporarily disables allowing them safe passage. The ideal Airsoft mine. (Disclaimer: replica explosives are not allowed under Dutch laws, the claymore is always physically stored and tested in Belgium)


A reusable electronic flash grenade made for indoor situations. Only used to distract opponents for us to gain an edge when entering a room. On some fields sonic or flash grenades will also count as hits, but in our opinion in airsoft only BBs should determine if you’re out or not. Another variant of the E-flash is the flashtube which does the same thing but can be attached to a riot shield and is activated with a remote trigger.

GPS tracker

Information is power, also on the Airsoft field. With this small smartphone sized beacon all our team members can be tracked by the base station. With this overview we can deploy our people where needed and operate as efficiently as possible. With a range over 10km it is sufficient in most fields we play on and operates on replaceable Li-ion batteries for over 48hours.