Vanguard Speedloader 2022 Mk2 Black


The new Vanguard Speedloader 2022 Mk2 has a reputation of a reliable, durable and fast speedloader for your Airsoft mags. It’s developed by and for Airsofters and is therefore known as a device that has it all. Built in a solid NATO 7.62mm ammobox, makes this a robust piece of hardware. See specifications for more details.

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  • 25 BB/s loading speed
  • Up to 30N loading pressure
  • Exact BB counting (Stops when settable value has reached)
  • OLED display for setting up to 5 presets for counting
  • Universal output tube matching M16/M4/AK mags from all manufacturers. Even Tornado grenades and Claymore’s are possible to load without the need of an adaptor
  • Mag discharge tube. A quick way to discharge your mags
  • 11.1v LiPo Battery included
  • Several months sleep-time on one battery charge
  • Battery deep discharge protection
  • Standard XT60 LiPo connector for charging the battery
  • Case can hold up to 10000, 6mm BB’s from any weight
  • Dimensions: 200x280x90mm, Weight: 2500g

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