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Fort de Jouy – Entering

Fort de Jouy, originally build as an artillery fort in the mid 18hundrets, burnt down by the German army in the Second World War and now being restored makes this a unique location. The fort is only accessible on a private event where the income is used for the restoration. We come here since 2011 and have seen the restoration progress every time. This is a good thing, but since more and more of the defensive lines are restored the fort is almost impregnable. Therefor an excellent challenge for our team to put our engineering minds to work and crack this nut to surprise the defenders with an unexpected visit.

Electric Speedloader preview

Our first introduction of the Electric Speedloader in mid 2016 after months of engineering making a reproducible and reliable version. All features are discussed which since have been extensively used and tested. Keep tuned for more updates.

Building together

What ones started as a hobby project has now developed itself as a solution for our Airsoft community. We are proud to distribute this solution to the rest of the world. The Electric Speedloader is this solution!


Ultimate dream machine and our first project. Remote controlled modular sentry gun which accepts almost any rifle. See the project tab for more awesome Vanguard projects

Berget – Vlog

Our last trip to Berget (Sweden) was just as big an adventure as the event itself. It’s a rough 2000km drive that we do in a nonstop fashion, whit one flight with a suitcase full of replica’s to bypass Germany du to complex laws. At least that was the theory. Check out the video how we managed to make it a little more complicated ;).

Berget Action

The gameplay video of our Berget game this year. The game area is up north so much that it never really gets dark during summer. This makes for a very cool nonstop airsoft experience together with the immense scale of the terrain, number of players and actual tanks! there. Together with our Swedish and Turkish friends we made it an epic event.

Berget – Vlog

Get an overview of the electric speedloader usage.